The campsite is surrounded by high fences and is staffed around the clock. Only guests are admitted to the campsite.

We have strict security measures. To prevent theft of vehicles all guests receive a special pass when checking in. On this pass are their personal details and registration number, which has to be produced every time you leave or enter the campsite.

In the interest of everyone's safety and to avoid any inconvenience we have a few house rules. By order of the fire brigade and the police fires and fireworks are not allowed. From the many responses we have received we know that the way we run our camp site and the facilities we offer are widely appreciated by a growing number of satisfied guests, many of whom have been Sudosa regulars for years.

In the centre of the field there is a separate fenced parking for motorcycles.

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Information KvK

KvK-number: 04084433

Volleybalvereniging Sudosa-Desto
Ibannr: NL 56 RABO 0343 5406 49
Biccode: RABONL2U

By paying in advance always stating
your group number and name or
individual administration number.

Postbus 180
9400 AD  ASSEN