Campsite rules

All visitors to SUDOSA TT-CAMPSITE are expected to have read the site rules and tohave accepted them!

  1. If You want to camp on our campsite, you allow us to check your vehicle and trailer.
  2. First register at the reception.
  3. After your registration you will receive a wristband and a camping-permit, which you have to show every time you enter the site. 1f you can’t show them, you have to identify yourself by showing your identity card and vehicle registration receipt.
  4. It is not allowed to pitch your tent in places other than indicated.
  5. Cars are only allowed by arrival and departure.
  6. No ditches to be dug.
  7. Open fires are strictly prohibited. Fire pits and bins will be confiscated.
  8. Firework is not allowed.
  9. Keep the campsite clean and use the litter-bins provided.
  10. Take care you do not offend your fellow campers by using too much alcohol.
  11. Not allowed to use your own food and/or drink in the marquee or the terrace.
  12. Smoking in the washrooms and the marquee is not allowed.
  13. From 24.00 am until 08.00 am should dominate the needed rest at the campsite. Except the Friday night, then it should be quiet from 01.00 am until 08.00 am.
  14. Anyone who misbehaves, will be sent away without refund of fees.
  15. Departure at least before noon Monday.
  16. The management cannot be held responsible for damages as a result of theft, civil commotion, weather conditions etc.

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Information KvK

KvK-number: 04084433

Volleybalvereniging Sudosa-Desto
Ibannr: NL 56 RABO 0343 5406 49
Biccode: RABONL2U

By paying in advance always stating
your group number and name or
individual administration number.

Postbus 180
9400 AD  ASSEN