Welcome to the website of the SuDoSa TT Campsite. The SuDoSa TT Campsite is only open during the Dutch MotoGP end of June every year from Wednesday until Monday during the week of the Dutch TT.

The campsite is runned by volunteers of volley-ball club Sudosa - Desto and provides high quality facilities.

In short, the SuDoSa Dutch TT Campsite offers clean, complete, pleasant and safe camping at a reasonable price!



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Information KvK

KvK-number: 04084433

Volleybalvereniging Sudosa-Desto
Ibannr: NL 56 RABO 0343 5406 49
Biccode: RABONL2U

By paying in advance always stating
your group number and name or
individual administration number.

Postbus 180
9400 AD  ASSEN